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An elephant never forgets…and neither do we! by Volunteer Kelsey Smith For many of our guests meeting our wonderful girls is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but for a select few one visit is simply not enough. Over the past month, we’ve welcomed several return visitors to the Park; there’s been tears of happiness, […]

KELSEY’S MONTHLY BLOG – September 2019

One Community. One Common Goal by Volunteer Kelsey Smith With over 3,500 domesticated Asian elephants in Thailand, it is only natural that they become a major part of the local community and this is no different for the Thung Kha Ngok area of Phang Nga. Elephants throughout Asia are a constant fascination to humans. Of […]

Elephants in Thai Culture by Holly Collicott

This fascinating article was written by one of the Phang Nga Elephant Park Volunteers, Holly Collicott, following her 3-month placement at the Park in 2018-2019 (please see About the Author at the end of the article). We are very grateful for Holly’s insightful and thoughtful article and note that credit has been given for the […]

A Mother’s Love

With our lovely Tangthai expecting to have her baby in the first few months of 2018, we are all thinking about what a good mother we expect her to be. We thought you might like to hear a special story about another remarkable elephant mother. The story is in a fascinating book called ‘Elephant Bill’ […]