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Asia’s Elephants in Captivity – A closer Look

Buffalo toursWIld Asia

Many thanks to Buffalo Tours for featuring us in their article!

More and more people are becoming aware of the issues surrounding elephant tourism in Thailand and a need for change.

Buffalo Tours is a tour company with a focus on responsible tourism. They have decided to address this topic with a mission to understand both the need for tourism, in terms of providing for and conserving the Asian elephant, and the need for high animal welfare standards in these parks.

They invited Nicolas Dubrocard of WildAsia to visit a couple of parks based on an audit they completed, using a lengthy criteria to asses and check for high standards of elephant welfare.

Read and share this article to learn about the bigger picture when it comes to interacting with elephants. Awareness and education are the tools that will help improve this industry, ensuring certain parks raise their standards, and putting the power to do this into the hands of the tourist.

Read the full article here: http://www.buffalotours.com/blog/asia-elephant-ride-responsible-travel/